Edupunk An Open Education.

According to the edupunk guidebook, edupunk is the learning we do with the help of internet resources as well as ourselves. Reading through Wikipedia I came across this quote that better defines what it is:

“Is an approach to teaching and learning practices that result from a do it yourself (DIY) attitude.[1][2] The New York Times defines it as “an approach to teaching that avoids mainstream tools like PowerPoint and Blackboard, and instead aims to bring the rebellious attitude and D.I.Y. ethos of ’70s bands like The Clash to the classroom.”[3] Many instructional applications can be described as DIY education or Edupunk.” – wiki.

 I also came across this website below where it stated more information on what edupunk and DIY was:

“I saw them as part of a storm of disruption invading one of the most entrenched institutions in Western civilization: The disintegration of state support for public higher education both here and in Europe; the inexorably rising worldwide demand; the inflation of the student debt bubble; the proliferation of both large publicly traded for-profit online colleges and VC-funded edtech startups that were reinventing everything from lectures to flash cards to textbooks; Creative Commons and the global open educational content movement; and above all, the explosion of disorganized, unaccredited, totally unsupervised DIY learning that makers and hackers and users of social media are engaging in every day.”  – website

According to what I have been reading I can see that edupunk helps us educate ourselves more however, using internet resources in the future may not be to useful for us because the information may not be accurate. What we as students learn today to teach our future students may not be needed because they might already know how to use and do certain things on the internet. Technology continues to expand, we always have to keep reviewing and updating for better lesson planning.



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