Summary of my poll

Three people have answered my poll and based on that information I can overall summarize that all three poll answers agree that participatory culture influences the way we think and how we gather information.

“I believe that participatory culture does expand the way we think. Many times, when we work alone we can not get ideas together, but while working in a group makes it easy to gather information. there are people who do not like to share their information, but i believe that if we do not share, we never get to improve our work.”

However, one poll answer stood out with the following statement:

“Yes, I do think participatory culture expanded the way we think, but it’s outdated in the 21st century. It was helpful, but not anymore due to the arise of new technology. technology is now taken over the world…”

I do agree with this because not all of us really keep in mind othersĀ ideas because we now depend more on technology, as well as the new methods and devices invented to help make our lives easier. Although my outlook on Jenkins speech hasnt changed my mind i do agree that technology helps us however; i do believe others can helps us acheive what we cant do ourselves. I do think the way i explained participatory culture was made clear for my classmates to understand.