what type of teacher will I be?

The teacher I am training to be is a type of teacher who reinforces the learning of a language in my students. My major is Bilingual Education; I’m striving to help educate those who need help in languages that create barriers to a different culture. I want my students to actually learn the language rather than just memorizing it. As well as emphasizing the importance of learning a language for the better opportunities they will have as bilingual students. In my teaching i will also like to enforce differentiated instruction which is a way of teaching based on the different levels students learn. The same material is being taught but using different methods. This will help all types of students and will make learning easier for them. This way they will also grasp the material a lot faster.


The approach that I would use in my teaching career is an Rhizomatic Learning. Just because I am going to be a teacher doesn’t mean I know all the answers in the world. I want to help my students understand that as they are learning I am learning with them. I don’t want them to feel as if what I am teaching is something I know with my eyes closed, I want them to see that I need to remind and read things over again too. Since I will be teaching a bilingual class I believe involving the parents and letting them know its okay to make mistakes, and reminding them that we are all working together like a team.